Takhini River paddle and day hike

Take in 2 great days of canoeing and a day hike into the sub alpine in the Kusawa Lake area

Great  for families, beginners, and people who like to learn more about the art of canoeing


Rate and Date:

Custom dates available
Can. $ 1,490.00 +5% GST per person


Number of participants:

2 - 5

Included in Price:

First  night in Guest cabin,otherwise camping in 2 person tents.,all  transfers from / to Whitehorse, camp and kitchen gear, all meals during trip. Professional Yukon Guide

Extra Cost:

Transportation to and from Whitehorse, alcoholic beverages, fishing license.

Requirements to participate:

Basic Physical fitness for hiking uphill.No paddling experience necessary.

Just looking for a short paddling experience on a very scenic river close top Whitehorse ? The Takhini River in the New Kusawa Lake Territorial Park is the perfect choice.

Yukon Canoe Trip12 resizeGreat for a leisure trip, the whole family or even the more ambitious ones eager to learn proper canoe strokes and maneuvers.

With the backdrop of Kusawa Lake and the Coastal Mountain Ranges, the scenerie is just amazing.

To get the whole picture, we start out with a hike up a ridge, overlooking Kusawa lake and the Takhini valley.. Along a narrow creek bed, we gain access to a ridge sloping down. Immediately we are in sub alpine environment . With every step the landscape below us stretches out further.

The next 2 days we paddle down the Takhini River starting right from Kusawa Lake.

The clear and swift  water of the  upper Takhini is a perfect stretch to learn how to paddle a canoe and steer around some rocks. Even without a lot of paddling, the current is moving us along inviting gravel bars and beaches to stop and explore. Islands divide the channel and we will stop often at numerous picture points.

From a sandy beach at the river we go for a stroll in one of the smallest sand deserts . An unexpexted landscape right here. For dinner we try to catch a fish at one of the creek mouths.

At the half way point we will set up a comfortable camp. Cooking on open fire, sleeping in the tent and leaning lots about living in nature and the environment along the river.

Depennding on your desire and the kind of experience you are looking for, this canoe trip can be done as a leisure paddle with the family. As an option, we can throw in more canoeing skills training, learning proper paddling strokes and maneuvers.

It is a enjoyable  trip to see what canoeing is all about. Maybe you like to go on a longer trip and are looking for some traing before.


Day 1

Takhini River Canoeing, Jaws of DeathArrival in Whitehorse, pick up at the airport or at you accommodation in WhitehorseDepending on your arrival time, we take a look at Miles Canyon with its basalt walls. A challenge during the Gold Rush for boaters on the Yukon River. Next, we drive to the base of Yukon Wild in the Ibex Valley.  Here we set up camp for the night and enjoy the first campfire BBQ

Day 2 

It is just a short drive to Kusawa Lake and the start of our day hike. On the overgrown part of the creek bed we follow the stream up towards the mountain. Soon we reach the hillside sloping down to the creek. Within minutes on the sheep trail we are in the open sub alpine area.. With every step the view just gets better over Kusawa Lake, surrounded by  coast mountains and the Takhini River to the north.

At the perfect spot, we stop for lunch. Depending on anbition and fitness we can go on to the nearest peak.

Back at the Lake we load up the canoes for the next 2 days. It is just a short paddle to our first camp at the outlet of the lake. Your guide will take the time to teach you the basic paddling strokes for the upcomming river trip.

Day 3

After a hearty breakfast,  we set out onto the river. The swift current and the stunning scenerie are competing for your attention. On top, you don't want to miss out on spotting moose, carbou or bald eagles.

We stop at a nice sandy beach to explore the sandy dessert of the Takhini and try our luck fishing. A short walk takes you around the rapids of the Takhini, while your guide will move the canoes and gear to the other end. A great picture point.

Later in the afternoon we set up our river camp after a day full of exciting impressions.

Day 4

Today the River continues with a more relaxed pace and the valley broadens. Sometimes steep cutbanks indicate how this vally was shaped after the last ice age. In the afternoon we reach our pick up point at the Ibex Valley bridge.

From here we will transfer you back to Whitehorse .

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