Paddling on the green waters of Teslin River, we are placed right into the heart of the Yukon. With abundant wildlife and astonishing landscapes, the Teslin River winds

Teslin River Yukon Canoeing

between high cut banks and wide valleys, always on its way north. The river starts out slow and develops into a more swift current. That allows beginners as well the seasoned canoeists to either drift or to paddle - always with a feeling of exploring wilderness as its best. Quietly we pass through untouched, wild nature while fishing for grayling and pike may supplement our camp dinner. Every night we camp out  while supper is cooked on the open fire. For over a week we enjoy nature and solitude. Bears, moose and beaver can be seen along the shores and with some luck we may hear the stirring howl of a wolf pack at night. 

On the legendary Yukon River we retrace the steps of thousands of adventurers on their quest for gold at the end of the last century. Numerous gold rush relicts can be explored along the riverside. Fallen in cabins, old police posts and telegraph stations,  rusted machinery, sunken or beached sternwheelers - they all ask us to listen to their tales of hope, hardship and defeat. Nature is slowly claiming back what had been taken from it a long time ago.



Big Salmon Lake, Yukon






A Teslin River Experience - more than just a canoe trip...






Day 1

Arrival in Whitehorse, pick up at the airport, transfer to your hotel. Time for discovering Whitehorse, last minute shopping before the trip. 
In the evening introduction to the other participants.

Day 2 - 9

Canoe Trip on Teslin River 
A short drive of 140 Km brings us to the start of our canoe trip at Johnson's Crossing. After a brief introduction into the basics of paddling we start out on the water. The rivers wide channel after leaving the mighty Teslin Lake, changes past  the first bend into a narrower and a bit faster stream. Quickly we settle into our journey through nature and wilderness. Moose and maybe the odd caribou can be seen on the open marshy flats that alternate with high sandy cutbanks on which interesting rock formations, known as hoodoos, call for unique pictures.  Side streams add clear water to the Teslin and allow for good fishing for pike and grayling. During high water season some stretches require our full attention, but mostly we get the chance to enjoy the river's medium speed and and ever changing landscape. Each night finds us at a different camp spot, where we set up our tents close to the water on sandy or grassy shores.
Where the Teslin River joins  with the Yukon River we get our first glimpse of the gold rush history. The trading post and telegraph station at Hootalinqua was a busy place- once upon a time. Now there are only some buildings and artifacts left from those heydays. Many relicts can be found hidden under an overgrowth of wild roses and willow bushes that remind of a time long gone.
The Sternwheeler " Evelyn" on Shipyard Island , is the only one left of its kind, along the river. 
Sunken in woodcutter cabins , dredges and mining equipment from the days of the Gold Rush and the Riverboats seem like a tucked awayopen air museum.

Just before we arrive at the native village of Carmacks, we end the river trip. Our van picks us up for the drive back the Klondike Highway to Whitehorse

Our last dinner together finds us reminiscing the days we spent on these two mighty rivers of the north.

Day 10

Transfer to the Airport


Equipment List for this tour