Yukon Canoe Trips, Hiking Trips and more... Summer -  2017

Where roads end...guided Yukon canoe trips and multiple Yukon adventure trips in small groups from relaxed to more challenging wilderness tours in northern Canada.


Wind River, Canyon of the Peel, Yukon

  • Get ideas with our wide selection of scheduled guided Yukon canoe trips on different Yukon rivers. We offer canoe trips with optional ad on hiking and backpacking tours, horseback rides and real Yukon log cabin adventures.

  • Small groups of max. 7 participants ensure a deep connection with nature.

  • Challenge us to organize your custom Yukon canoe trip, wilderness trip, according to your experience, budget and time frame.

Canoe Trips

Big Salmon River

Can.$ 2.595.- + 5% GST

15 days


12 day canoe trip on a remote untouched wilderness river. This mid size intimate river offers diverse landscape, maneuvering around some obstacles, wildlife viewing and great camp spots all along. Ideal for ambitious beginners and well seasoned paddlers as well.


Detailed tour description here

9.7. - 23.7. 2017


Peel River, Taku Bar, Yukon

Teslin - Yukon River

Can.$ 2.095.-- + 5 % GST

10 days

10 day canoe trip on the Teslin  - and Yukon Rivers from 
Johnsons Crossing  to Carmacks


Detailed tour description here

11.6. - 20.6. 2017

18.6 - 27.6. 2017

 2.7. - 11.7. 2017

31.7. - 9.8. 2017

Liard River

Can.$ 3.400,-- + 5 % GST

12 days

11 day  Fly In canoe trip on the headwaters of the Liard River from Caribou Lakes to Watson Lake - for the real wilderness lovers.

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11.7. - 22.7. 2017

More demanding canoe trips with fly in and spectacular hiking opportunities in the northern Yukon

Wind River Valley, Yukon

Wind River

Canoeing and Hiking among breathtaking scenery

Can.$ 4.900,-- + 5 % GST

15 days

Fly in and fly out  canoe trip by floatplane

12 day canoe trip on the Wind River in the northern Yukon. Paddling through magnificent mountains and tundra landscape

Several day hikes to easily accessible mountains, lakes and canyons during the canoe trip.

1 canoeing preparation day on a small river close to our base.


Detailed tour description here

16.7. - 30.7. 2017
Blackstone River, Yukon

Blackstone River

Can.$ 4.950,-- + 5 % GST

15 days

13 day canoe expedition on the Blackstone and Peel River

Whitewater and spectacular mountain hiking close to the arctic circle.

Wilderness adventure for experienced canoeists

By Floatplane across the tundra and mountain ranges.

1 canoeing preparation day on a small river close to our base.


Detailed tour description here

6.8. - 20.8. 2017

Multiple Adventure Trips :  Canoeing (also available as a separate trip), hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, mountain biking

Yukon Horseback Riding

Yukon Wild - Multi Adventure

Can.$ 5.250,-- + 5 % GST

19 days

days canoeing on the Teslin River in the central Yukon

 4 days trail riding  with pack - and saddle horses on old Indian trails

 5 days of day hikes in  Kluane National Park .

Staying in a log cabin .

canoe trip can be booked separately

Detailed tour description here

Upon request
Yukon Canoe Course

Best of Yukon Wild

Can.$ 1.800,-- + 5 % GST

8 days

True Yukon adventure tidbits , fully loaded activity week
learning new skills

days canoeing starting with an intro course
2 days hiking in Kluane National Park
1 day mountain bike ride

Log cabin feel and wilderness know how

Detailed tour description here

Individual trip dates upon request
Big Salmon River, Yukon

Big Salmon River
Kluane Nationalpark

Can.$ 4.295.,-- + 5 % GST

22 days

12 days canoeing on the Big Salmon River
8 days hiking, sightseeing and wildlife watching in  Kluane National Park based out of our wilderness log cabin

canoe trip can be booked separately 


Detailed tour description here

   9.7. - 30.7. 2017

 20.8. - 10.9. 2017


Indian Summer, Kluane Park, Yukon

Indian Summer

Can.$ 4.295-- + 5% GST

22 days

12 days canoeing on the Big Salmon River

warm up day hike in Kluane National Park

days backpacking across the autumn colored tundra and  the rugged     mountains of Kluane National Park.

 1 transfer day between hiking and canoeing

 canoe trip can be booked separately


Detailed tour description here

20.8. - 10.9. 2017