How to Build our Yukon Log Home


Yukon log house construction, step by step


I always wanted to build my own house. A real log house made out of tree trunks, and all done just by myself with the help of Elisabeth.

In 2002 we got a pile of logs, and that is when it all started. Besides the business of Adventure Tours Yukon Wild, I spent all my extra time working on the project. After 4 years we finally moved into our self made Yukon built log house.

It turned out to be what we had planned. Built it just by ourselves, and exactly the way we wanted it.

For everybody interested in how this can be accomplished, and how to built a real scribe fit  log house, we put this photo gallery together.




Yukon Wild Log Home construction, enjoy the pictures:


Building our Log Home, Working Process and Steps

Construction Stages over 4 years

Tour through our finished log house